Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Blogs are websites in which users (you) can create entries on just about anything. They are basically online journals or diaries.

People often create entries for friends to see, blogs about subjects which they’re passionate about and areas for anyone to give their opinion.

There are a number of websites which show blog entries about particular subjects you might be interested in.

An example of one is Digg – where users submit stories for review, and the blogs that are read the most often go at the top of the homepage. This is called ‘non-hierarchical editorial control’ which just means that users decide what goes on rather than an editor.

Blogs are a common way in which celebrities keep in touch with their fans. They can write daily entries and anyone in the world can read them.
Popular social networking sites include Bebo, Myspace, Facebook, Piczo and Friendster. Sites like these have become really popular among people of all ages and quite often someone will have a profile on more than one.

So – how do you use them?
Firstly, you sign up and create your own profile or ‘space’. Often, these contain standard blurbs like, ‘About Me’ and ‘Who I'd Like to Meet.’ There are usually areas where you can write things like favourite Music, Films, Sports, Scared Of and Happiest When. You can add specific personal details like physical appearance, and which school you go to. You can also have your own blog where you write daily thoughts or include articles you find interesting.

A big part of customising your profile can be uploading images or pictures onto your site. One of your pictures can be chosen as the "default image" and this will be seen on your profile's main page. It will also appear next to your user-name on comments, messages, etc.

Most sites have a ‘count’ of how many friends you have and a link to a page which lists all of the user's friends. Often you can click on a friend’s name and be taken straight to their profile; this depends how they have set their privacy settings. The ‘Top Friends’ application or area allows you to list your favourite friends on your profile; this can sometimes cause arguments!

You can usually add music to your profile, either by visiting an artist's page and choosing a song from their music player, or by using a customised music player or by an embedded media file. There is often also an option to upload videos as well – including music videos, videos uploaded from other sites such as Youtube or personally recorded films.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Welcome to my blog!!!!! yawn yawn
in this project i am going to research different web2.0 websites apparently they are interesting....

well enjoy!